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Jun 19

You Need to Know

I usually will not use the 'blog for this, but I want you to know some new things about VBS this year and our hearts behind some of the changes.  Remember, VBS is not a Children's Ministry event.  It is an all-church missions endeavor.  We're looking at VBS in a new way and we want you with us!

A NEW SCHEDLUE:  VBS is shorter this year - Monday through Friday.  We shortened VBS for two reasons.  1. To give our volunteer families one more day together before the busy week.  2. In order to spend Sunday evening together as a church praying, worshiping, and helping get ready for VBS the next day.  Plus, the Sunday after VBS there are no p.m. activities out of respect for families and workers who have worked so hard during the week.

SUNDAY EVENING VBS PRAYER SERVICE AT 5:00:  On Sunday evening at 5 p.m. we are gathering together as a church for a short service for prayer and worship in preparation for VBS.  Afterward, we are asking everyone for one hour of all-church set up for the next day.  This is work for all of us, and we need your help.

NO MEALS FOR VOLUNTEERS THIS YEAR:  This was a hard choice to make because of the convenience it offers to those who serve during VBS.  But, out of financial concerns we were forced to cancel them for this year.

KIDZ BLITZ LIVE WILL REPLACE THE CARNIVAL THIS YEAR:  Instead of our typical outdoor carnival, we have invited a group called Kidz Blitz LIVE to provide the program for our Family Fun Night on Friday.  This will take place in the Worship Center.  Afterward, there will be a hot-dog meal in the Activity Center.  Kidz Blitz LIVE is an interactive all-family worship and celebration event that you'll love whether you're in preschool or a senior adult.  None of us is going to want to miss this.  The hot dog mealafterward is created to provide us all (all) with a setting to engage our guest families.

NIGHTLY TIME OF WORSHIP FOR WORKERS BEFOFRE VBS:  At 5:55 nightly in the youth worship room, there will be open worship for all VBS workers.  We'll give God our hearts and our work for the night while singing a few songs, spending some time in prayer, and reading Scripture.  About 15 minutes.  No childcare, but workers' families are welcome.  We'll be together as we are to praise him and ready ourselves.

SUNDAY MORNING AFTER VBS SONG PERFORMANCE:  We asked the question, "How can we follow through to establish long term relationships with our VBS families?"  One of the answers was to teach our VBS kids a song throughout the week that they will perform in our Sunday morning worship service on the Sunday after VBS.  Pray with us that guest families will return to worship with us that Sunday morning so their children can sing in that VBS choir.  Let your own kids be a part of it too to make it a success.  Personally love on and welcome the families who worship with us that day.

A NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH CHATTANOOGA'S CHAMBLISS CENTER FOR CHILDREN:  Chambliss Center provides 24-hour childcare for single parents who work 2nd and 3rd shifts.  We reached out to them early this spring about the possibility of the children they serve being a part of our VBS.  It's now official!  They're coming.  That means two things:  1. Pray for them.  We know they will be here and so does God.  Pray for that reality, for the lost to be saved, and for families to be changed.  2.  Serve at VBS.  No matter how old you are.  No matter what your gifts are.  VBS has a place of need that you can fill -- and be fulfilled in.  Don't miss the chance to say you were a part of what God did here.

THAT'S ALL:  Not really :-)  VBS is a hugely complex undertaking with so many moving parts.  I can't overstate how badly everybody's help is needed, nor can I exaggerate the difference every worker makes.  If you don't participate because you want to, then sign up out of your love of Christ and as a member of the family here.  SEE YOU AT VBS!

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