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Jul 13

We Go to a Lot of These

She leaned over in her SUV and motioned to a member of the safety team to walk over to her window.  Her 4 kids were just walking into the front of the Worship Center for VBS.

"Thank you so much.  "They go to a lot of these, and I always ask them how they like it.  Usually they shrug their shoulders, grunt, or say it was 'okay.'  But they LOVE yours.  They come home every night so excited and they talk about it all the next day until it's time again.  We're new here, and this week has made a big difference to them."

At first I dismissed what I heard as a polite gesture.  But I kept hearing her words, "They go to a lot of these."  There are a lot of ways I could think about that, and my mind wandered through most of them.  But the one that kept coming back was "What makes ours different?"  Because there are a lot of churches with more . . . more lights, more show, more facility, more instruments, more reputation - just more.  So why, against the odds of all that, did Brainerd Hills' VBS make such a difference to a family who has seen it all?

The answer was a real point of thankfulness to me, and it came by watching our VBS tour guides, greeters, registrars, teachers . . .   Whatever your role, there's love here and you're not afraid to show it.  When you pit resources against love, love makes the difference.  From our decorators to our clean up crew, everybody here seems to know that they are first here to love God and be his love to others.

Brainerd Hills showcases Christ during VBS week and every week, and sometimes He graciously gives us loving reminders that it does not go unnoticed or without effect.  I think Heaven's attention is with us, and God's power is at work whether we overhear a mom's kind remark or not.  But I'm thankful when God does take moments like these to remind us of his approval and his blessing.  I'm proud to be a Kingdom minded Church this week and every week.

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