Bible in the Schools


Bible in the Schools values its warm partnership with Brainerd Hills Baptist Church. Since 2013, Brainerd Hills Baptist Church has been generously supporting Bible History elective classes in our public schools through Bible in the Schools. Bible History is a for-credit, academically robust elective available to students in grades 6-12, that is studied during the school day and in the regular classroom. These courses are available to your children and grandchildren. Contact to find out if your desired school offers Bible electives for students. If you are being called to sponsor a student, you can do so here. Back-to-School Sunday was inspired by BHBC member, John Phillips, who also serves on the Board of Directors of Bible in the Schools.


Since 1922, Bible in the Schools has provided Hamilton County public school students in grades 6-12 with the opportunity to study the Bible in their classroom. These courses, offered as electives, allow students the opportunity to study the Bible from a literary or historical perspective. The Bible History program consists of five elective courses taught from an academic, viewpoint-neutral, and court-approved curriculum. Courses are funded entirely from generous partners such as BHBC, and many participating members, who donate independently. Charitable donations through Bible in the Schools, a local 501(c)(3), cover the complete cost of the county-wide program, including Bible History teacher compensation, Bible textbooks for all students, classroom supplies, taxes, professional development and legal training, and other resources. The Hamilton County Bible History program is offered in 31 middle and high schools and seeks equal access for all public school students. Thank you, Brainerd Hills Baptist Church for helping us fulfill our mission: to advance Bible education for students in Hamilton County public schools.

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